About Minerva Minnettie

A little bit about myself,

I was born in Mandeville-Manchester in Jamaika. Since i was a little girl, i loved to create and share my world, my perspective of beauty and love.

GODS creations, the Nature, its colors, shapes and sounds are inspiring me in all i do and create.

My latest Focus is the variety of Flowers that inspires me in all their ways and being. Out of this inspiration i have created a Flower book and my own Flower expression designed on myself and in short digital clips.

I also love to cook and on my path of eating healthy, alternative to what is being served everywhere outside, i found myself creating my own delicious recipes that i will share here on my page and i hope you will enjoy them also as my family and i do.

Gospel Music always has me rejoicing in my Lord Jesus Christ. Out of my passion in music i have created my own Gospel songs and album, which i hope will bring you to the joy that is in Jesus Christ.